Part 3 - Graphical Mods

The mods in each section are written in the order in which they should be installed, unless otherwise noted.

This video shows the difference that these mods can make:

Read this article if you're not sure how to install mods, and please if any links are broken.


  1. Alternatives
  2. Menus
  3. Skies & Weather
  4. Architecture
  5. Signs & Tapestries
  6. Landscape
  7. Caves
  8. Plants
  9. Bodies & Heads
  10. Armour
  11. Weapons
  12. Creatures
  13. Books
  14. Spells
  15. Miscellaneous


Morrowind Watercolored

An alternative to all of the graphical enhancements listed here is PeterBitt's Morrowind Watercolored, which simply gives all of Morrowind a neat watercolour effect. This makes the game feel a little less dated, and more stylised. The downside with this is that if you install any mods that include new textures, they will look out-of-place.

Morrowind Watercolored

Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics

Another alternative to the mods listed here is Morrowind Overhaul by Ornitocopter, which is a compilation of numerous graphical and sound mods with an easy-to-use installer, "intended for people who would prefer not to hand-pick mods out of the thousands of mods available".

Skies & Weather

  • Skies .IV by starwarsgal9875

    Overhauls all the sky and weather graphics.

    Includes optional sky textures adapted from AOF Skies, Extreme Textures, and vanilla Morrowind, modified to fit the new sky box. Also includes an alternate moon graphic based on concept art (although I prefer the original).

    Requires some tweaking of Morrowind.ini; find every setting by the name "Cloud Speed" and divide the value there by 5.

  • Apel's Rain Replacer by Apel & HedgeHog-12

    New "heavier" rain graphic.

  • Snowflakes! by Pjstaab

    New snow graphic that looks like actual snowflakes.

  • Meteors by Shanjaq

    Causes meteors to appear randomly in the night sky.



Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.


Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.


Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.


Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.

Vivec & Velothi

Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.



Check out DarkElfGuy's comparison video here.



Shacks & Docks


Signs & Tapestries

  • Arukinn's Better Banner Signs and Signposts by Arukinn

    Retextures all service-banners, town-banners, service-signs and roadsigns.

    Personally I really like the sign and banner retextures, but the roadsign retextures make it incompatible with Signy Signposts(!). In the end I took the textures I wanted from this mod and made my own pluginless replacer (easier said than done as all of the textures needed to be converted from DDS to TGA, and renamed).

    Alternatively, Bloodinfested's Cleaner City Signs does a good job of retexturing the wooden city signs and cloth banners.

  • Signy Signposts(!): Vvardenfell by Earth Wyrm

    Retextures all roadsigns with HD, English-alphabet versions.

  • Road Marker Retextured by AnOldFriend

    Texture replacer for the "welcome" obelisk.


Note that most of the landscape retextures I use actually come from Papill6n's Various Graphical Things, which is listed in the Miscellaneous section. Unless otherwise noted, that mod should be installed after these.

  • Texture Fix by Slartibartfast

    Removes hundreds of landscape seams where landscape textures are not blended correctly.

    I have heard that this may come at the cost of landscape diversity.

  • Texture Fix Caldera Patch by WHReaper

    Fixes a landscape issue near Caldera introduced by Texture Fix.

  • Swampy Swamps(!) by Earth Wyrm

    Texture replacer for the Bitter Coast Region.

  • SpewBoy's Bitter Coast by SpewBoy

    Texture replacer for the Bitter Coast Region.

    Install after Papill6n's Various Graphics Things (I prefer SpewBoy's textures).

  • Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul by Slartibartfast

    Retextures, and occasionally reshapes, the landscape of Bloodmoon.

    This is built on Texture Fix - Bloodmoon, thus removing the need for that mod.

  • Lazy's Grand Solstheim by Lazy

    Retextures Solstheim's landscape, as well as Raven Rock and Skaal.

  • Correct UV Rocks by Nich

    Fixes the UV mapping of all exterior rocks in Vvardenfell.

    A notable alternative is Taddeus' On the Rocks, which includes refined models and bump maps for all rocks, but can have an impact on framerate.

  • AOF Waterfalls by AnOldFriend

    Replacer for the various waterfalls in Morrowind.

  • Vurt's Lava and Smoke by Vurt

    Smoke and lava replacer, with a choice of 4 different lava textures (I use option 1).


  • CorrectUV Diverse Ore Veins by Nich

    Changes ore veins to match their environment, and fixes their UV mapping.

  • Cave Texture Fix by Slartibartfast

    Changes the rocks in caves to make them match their environment.

    Includes compatibility patch for CorrectUV Diverse Ore Veins.

  • Vality's Ice Caverns Enhanced by Vality

    Makes ice caverns appear more shiny.

  • Caverns Bump Mapped by Lougian

    Adds bump maps to cave textures.

    Bloodmoon caves are in a separate download.

  • Caverns Overhaul by Lougian

    Adds a lot more detail to caves.

    Personally I find some of the changes a little too drastic.

  • Cave Drips by R-Zero

    Adds a visual effect to the "cave drip" sound emitters.

  • Ore Rock Retexture (ORR) by Alaisiagae

    Texture replacer for the 3 types of ore veins and associated raw ingredients.


  • Correct UV Trees by Nich

    Fixes the UV mapping of Vvardenfell's trees.

  • Plant Life Retexture by Bloodinfested

    Retextures many of Morrowind's plants.

    Includes optional darker Kreshweed (recommended).

  • Flora Glow by Nigedo & Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~

    Adds glow-maps to Morrowind's luminous plants.

    Includes a new BSA that must be registered.

  • Underwater Static Replacer by Slartibartfast

    Texture replacer for various underwater object.

  • Hackle-Lo Fixed by Pherim

    Fixes the UV mapping of Hackle-Lo plants and improves it in various ways.

    Includes new model for use with ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism (install this after GH).

  • Pherim's Fire Fern - Plant and Ingredient by Pherim

    New and improved Fire Fern and Fire Petal.

    Includes new model for use with ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism (install this after GH).

  • Comberry Bush and Ingredient Replacer by Pherim

    New and improved Comberry and Comberry Bush.

    Includes new model for use with ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism (install this after GH).

  • Vurt's Mournhold Trees by Vurt

    Replaces the trees in Mournhold with animated cherry blossom.

    May have an impact on framerate.

Bodies & Heads


  • Better Clothes by Psychodog Team

    New clothes meshes to fit Better Bodies.

  • Better Clothes - bc_shirt_exp_03_Fem.nif Fix by LizTail

    Fixes a minor issue with one of the shirts in Better Clothes.

  • More Better Clothes Vol I - Vanilla by Plangkye

    Continues where Better Clothes left off, replacing all remaining clothes meshes.

  • Better Clothes for Tribunal by Keazen

    Replaces the Tribunal clothes textures, pants meshes and shoe meshes.

  • Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus by Spirited Treasure

    Improves female pants, replaces Bloodmoon pants & shoes and Mournhold expensive pants, fixes 2 Tribunal shirts.

  • Darknut's Better Clothes Textures by Darknut

    Improves a number of textures from Better Clothes.

  • Unique Finery Replacer (UFR) by Alaisiagae

    Gives new unique models to unique clothes and jewellery.

    Includes the much-needed mod "Ring Texture Fix" (original here).

    A notable alternative to the new unique robes is CanadianIce's Robe Replacer; if you want to use that, use the "No Robe" version of UFR (so that you still get the other items), otherwise use the regular ESP.

  • Better Robes by Moranar

    Better Clothes equivalent for robes.

    Includes a patch for Alaisiagae's Unique Finery Replacer (only needed if you are using the regular ESP rather than the "No Robe" version).

  • Better Textures for Robes by Keazen

    Replaces textures of robes and a few shirts missed by Better Clothes, and fixes a few meshes.

    The robe textures in this mod will be overwritten by Flash3113's HiRes Robes, but the fixed meshes will still be used, along with the shirt textures (replacing Darknut's).

  • HiRes Robes by Flash3113

    Texture replacer for robes.

  • Left Gloves Addon by Alaisiagae

    Contains new icons and models for left pauldrons, gauntlets and gloves (left and right are identical in vanilla).

    Based on Lurlock's Left Gloves, thus removing the need for that mod.


  • Better Morrowind Armor by Moranar

    New armour meshes designed to fit Better Bodies.

    Includes a patch for by Saint Jiub's HiRez Armors - Native Styles and a tweaked version of the official mod LeFemm Armor.

    The English version of this mod has a bug whereby all left gauntlets are duplicated in the world, and fixing it is not straightforward. The easiest way I've found is to download the Russian version, "clean" everything except the cell references, and merge it with the English version. Please get in touch if you require assistance with this.

    There is another bug in the "DeFemm" plugins where the Orcish Cuirass is invisible when worn. To fix it, load the plugin in the Construction Set, open the Orcish Cuirass, and set the "Male Armor" model to "bam_orcish_cuiras". For the vanilla-friendly plugin ("Better Morrowind Armor DeFemm(o).esp"), also set the "Female Armor" model to "bam_orcish_cuiras_f".

    Remember to clean the mod after editing it!

    A notable alternative is KINGPIX's Detailed and Reflecting Armor, which combines Baofu92's Detailed Armor, AnOldFriend's Illuminated Armor, Bahamut's Steel Armor Reflections and Darknut's Armor Textures.

  • Darknut's Armor Textures by Darknut

    Replaces all the default armour textures in Morrowind, Tribunal & Bloodmoon.

  • Armors Retexture - Outlander Styles by Tyddy

    Retextures all metal armour, and then some!

  • AOF Illuminated Armor by AnOldFriend

    Adds reflectivity to Adamantium, Daedric, Glass and Indoril armours.

  • HiRez Armors - Native Styles by Saint Jiub

    Texture replacer for the Dunmer armours.

    There are some textures missing from the release which you can find here and here (thanks to NASSOOR on TES Nexus for the info). And one more, "", which can be found in the previous release. It's worth the trouble!

  • Colovian Helm and Leather Boots Retexture by Lougian

    Texture replacer for the Colovian Fur Helm and Heavy Leather Boots.

    Part of Lougian's "Various Little Mods" collection.

  • Dust Adept Helm Retexture by Lougian

    Texture replacer for the Telvanni Dust Adept Helm.

    Part of Lougian's "Various Little Mods" collection.

  • Adamantium Helm of Tohan Replacer by Adul & Starcon5 & Holy Knight

    Gives the Adamantium Helm of Tohan a new look, including a cool visor.

    Only install if using the official "Helm of Tohan" plugin.

  • Snow Prince Enhanced by Midgetalien & Vality

    Gives Ancient Steel armour a unique appearance.

    Note that this also adds enchantments to the armour, and tweaks the surrounding area.

  • Unique Armor Replacer Chodala Boots (UAR) by Alaisiagae

    Gives Conoon Chodala's Boots a new Ashlander-y look.

  • Wolf Helmet Replacer by Alaisiagae

    Replaces the Wolf and Snow Wolf Helmets with open-jawed wolf heads to match the bear helmets.


  • Cleaned Weapons by Greg Schick

    Replaces many of the default weapons meshes with cleaner versions.

  • Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete by Darknut

    Texture replacer for all weapons in Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

  • Oriental Mesh Improvements by Psymon

    Mesh replacer for oriental weapons.

  • Iron Mesh Improvements - Uniques by Psymon

    Gives the uniquely-named iron weapons their own unique meshes and icons.

  • Real Reflective Weapons - Iron by Pherim

    New models and textures for all iron weapons.

    Includes a patch for use with Psymon's Iron Mesh Improvements - Uniques

  • Improved Weapon Meshes: Steel by Pherim

    Mesh replacer for steel weapons.

    Install after Darknut's Little Weapons Mod Complete.

  • Improved Weapon Meshes: Ebony by Pherim

    New and improved meshes for all 10 of Morrowind's ebony weapons and Tribunal's Ebony Scimitar.

    Includes optional Ebony Claymore.

  • Crossbows by Alaisiagae & WHReaper

    Replacer for Steel and Dwarven Crossbows.

    Optionally adds new crossbows to the game if the plug-in is enabled.

  • Daedric Warhammer Replacement by Android

    Model and texture replacer for Daedric Warhammers.

  • Volendrung Retexture by Lougian

    Texture replacer for the unique Dwemer warhammer, Volendrung.

    Part of Lougian's "Various Little Mods" collection.

  • Ice Blade of the Monarch - Replacer by Oriphier

    Gives the unique Ice Blade of the Monarch a new model with hi-res texture, reflection and bump map.

  • New Veloth's Judgement by Kalamestari_69 & nONatee

    Replacer for the unique weapon Veloth's Judgement (the original looked like a regular Daedric Warhammer).

    There are 2 versions to choose from which determine whether the weapon is wielded as a staff or spear. The staff version (A) is more vanilla-friendly.

  • Particle Arrow Replacer by GhostNull

    Replaces all the original enchanted arrows and bolts from the game with particle effect versions.

  • Steel Broadsword Fix by quorn

    Changes Steel Broadswords to use a new mesh rather than the Imperial Broadsword mesh.

    Be sure to download the Bloodmoon version!

    This is not needed if using michael163377's Enchanted Weapon Variety.





  • Mesh Improvements Optimized by Stuporstar

    Contains a variety of smoothed and optimised meshes.

  • Better Meshes plus Optimization by Tarius

    Contains a variety of smoothed and optimised meshes.

  • Correct Meshes by ZWolol

    Fixes a number of mesh issues.

  • RR Mod Series - Better Meshes by Resdayn Revival Team

    Contains smoothed meshes for various objects.

    Includes optional half-size potions.

  • Mesh Fix by Slartibartfast

    Contains 121 fixed and improved meshes.

    Includes some improved meshes from Better Meshes and Mesh Improvements.

  • PeterBitt's Small Mods by PeterBitt

    A collection of small mods which includes several graphical mods.

    Collision Fix, Fireshield Icon Fix and Grahl Eye Fix are all straight-up graphical fixes. Scroll and Potion Icons is a bit more down to personal taste, but makes scrolls and potions a lot easier to differentiate.

  • Misc Items Replacer by Qarl

    Replacer for many of the miscellaneous items in Morrowind.

  • Bottle Replacer by Qarl

    Replacer for the 15 varieties of bottle in Morrowind.

  • Smoothened Mesh Req's by Ashiraniir

    Contains smoothed meshes for various objects.

  • AOF Containers by AnOldFriend

    New barrels, kegstand, wooden bucket, and optional new sack textures.

  • Better Kegstands by Tarius

    Improved / fixed kegstand meshes, along with an improved texture.

  • True Gold - Gold Coin Retexture by FrostByte

    Texture replacer for gold coins.

    There are lots of other gold coin replacers out there but this is my favourite of the ones I have seen. Note that it does not change the icon.

  • Better Picks'n'Probes by ¬£exa & HG-12 & Sister

    Texture replacer for lockpicks and probes, along with improved / fixed meshes.

  • Dwemer Puzzle Box and Key to Lower Arkngthand Replacer by Pikachuno

    Mesh and texture replacer for the Dwemer Puzzle Box and Key to Lower Arkngthand.

  • Bloodmoon Hide Replacer (BHR) by Alaisiagae

    Replaces the Bear, Snow Bear, Wolf, and Snow Wolf Pelt ingredients so that they actually look like pelts.

  • Cart Cloth Retexture (CCR) by Alaisiagae

    Vanilla-friendly texture replacer for the cart cloth found in Tribunal.

  • Daedric Key Replacer by Alaisiagae

    Gives the glowing daedric key a new model and icon.

  • Flask Replacer by Qarl

    Replaces the 4 flasks in Morrowind with better meshes and textures.

  • EKM Vanilla-Based Paper Lanterns by Erikaimar

    Vanilla-friendly texture replacer for paper lanterns.

  • Dunmer Lanterns Replacer by Melchior Dahrk

    Replaces all Dunmer lanterns with smoother, more detailed versions.

  • Silverware Enhancer by GhostNull

    Replaces all silverware items with reflective, higher-poly versions.

  • Papill6n Various Graphics Things by Papill6n

    This includes a LOT of very nice vanilla-friendly graphical improvements.

    Install it after all the other replacers, as it will override a lot of files from other mods. It's broken down into optional components, but you probably want to install everything, except perhaps the "DarkUI new main menu", and of course only install one of the "Fabric on the imperial altar" replacers.

    This includes modified versions of the various "Reloaded" landscape textures by LestatDeLioncourt, which are more vanilla-friendly than the originals.

    This is also the definitive vanilla-friendly soul gem replacer, based on Earth Wyrm's Souly Soulgems(!), Infectious Moon & NelothsMouth's Soul Gem Replacer Retextured and Jericho, Lokichan & Lord Alex's Better Soul Gems.

  • Max's Glow by Max

    Changes the enchanted item "plastic wrap" effect to look more like tiny flashes of electricity.

    A notable alternative is Plangkye's Pluginless NoGlow, which removes the effect entirely.

  • Walther's Blood Sprite by Walther

    A more realistic blood effect.

  • Flies by R-Zero

    Adds a visual effect to all "flies" sound emitters.

  • Error Marker by Fliggerty & Friends

    Makes the "error marker" for missing meshes a lot less intrusive.

    Fingers crossed, you should never see any error markers, but just in case!