Part 4 - Sound

Read this article if you're not sure how to install mods, and please if any links are broken.



  • Expanded Sounds by Piratelord

    Adds 100 sound effects that play at various points around Morrowind.

    Based on the popular mod Atmospheric Sound Effects. Includes interior weather effects, thus removing the need for Kirel's Interior Weather.

    See the readme for recommended INI tweaks. However, do not change the Thunder Sound IDs if using Mouseplay's Thunderstruck Sounds Replacer (recommended).

    If using ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism, you also need this patch by philologos.

    A notable alternative is Better Sounds by JEKA and TJ.

  • Thunderstruck Sound Replacer by Mouseplay

    New and improved thunder sound effect.

Voice Add-ons