Part 5 - Content Mods

This is a list of mods that alter the game's world or mechanics in some way. Obviously there are far too many mods out there for me to list them all, but these are all mods which I personally recommend and which I have judged to be of good quality.

Read this article if you're not sure how to install mods, and please if any links are broken.


  1. Morrowind Rebirth
  2. Official
  3. Bugfixes
  4. Gameplay & Levelling
  5. Economy
  6. Cities & Travel
  7. Dungeons
  8. Quests
  9. Factions
  10. Dialogue
  11. NPCs
  12. Creatures
  13. Magic & Alchemy
  14. Weapons
  15. Armour
  16. Clothing
  17. Expansions
  18. Miscellaneous

Morrowind Rebirth

Trancemaster's Morrowind Rebirth is a compilation of content and gameplay mods that can be used as a base or as an alternative to the mods listed on this page. I have not used it personally, but I understand it changes the game fairly drastically.


  • Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched by Bethesda & PikachunoTM

    All of Bethesda's official plugins, plus fan-made patches.

    Install before any relevant graphical replacers. Manual installation is a little confusing. The easiest way is to install all the assets from the "01 Original Files" folder, then install (and overwrite) "Photodragons.NIF" with the one from the Meshes folder, then use whichever plugins you want from the "00 Individual Patches" folder.

    Skip LeFemm Armor if using the version from Moranar's Better Morrowind Armors.


You should of course already have the most important bugfix of all, the Morrowind Patch Project by Thepal and Quorn.

  • Poorly Placed Object Fix by Slartibartfast

    Fixes around 120 floating or otherwise poorly-placed objects.

  • Dagoth Ur Fix by hollaajith

    Makes killing Ash Vampires weaken Dagoth Ur correctly, as Bethesda originally intended.

  • Sound Spell Sound Effect by R-Zero

    Plays a previously-unused sound when the player is affected by the Sound spell effect.

  • GOTY Script Tidy by Huskobar

    Tidies and fixes syntax errors in almost 1200 scripts, for greater stability.

  • Plain Paper Fix by XmirroR

    Removes the scroll interface from plain paper, reduces the weight from 1.00 to 0.05, and reduces the value from 3 to 1.

    Note that the Morrowind Patch Project already reduces the weight to 0.20, and corrects the lowercase item name.

  • Guar Followers Fix by TheOne&Only

    Fixes some bugs with the two Guar followers.

Gameplay & Levelling

  • Wakim's Game Improvements - Modular by Wakim

    Drastically changes many elements of the game.

    Includes flee AI, a magic system overhaul, dialogue and faction-relation enhancements, and rebalancing of numerous items / characters / game settings.

    These changes are divided across 8 plugins, to be enabled as desired:

    • Balance - Character: Balances experience gain, races and birthsigns.

    • Balance - Game Settings: Adds flee AI and tweaks a number of settings, e.g. giving NPCs more magicka, making diseases more likely, and increasing the difficulty of lockpicking.

    • Balance - Items: Balances item costs and stats, improves consistency between items, and adds enchantments to several overlooked artifacts.

    • Balance - Magic Effects: Changes the costs of most spell effects to make them more balanced.

    • Balance - NPC Spellcasting: Adds new spells that will be picked up by most NPCs, designed to make them less stupid spellcasters.

    • Balance - Spells: Tweaks most of the game's spells to make them much more useful, and updates the casting costs based on Balance - Magic Effects (required).

    • Gameplay - Dialogue: Fixes a few dialogue bugs, makes some generic dialogue less common, and makes NPCs' behaviour more consistent with their dialogue, e.g. they might run away from you if you are a criminal or diseased.

    • Gameplay - Faction: Changes guilds to be more stringent in their requirements, and makes most guild members refuse to serve non-members.

    An all-in-one version is available here, although this apparently requires cleaning.

    A noteable alternative is BTB's Game Improvements, which expands on Wakim's Game Improvements and also takes inspiration from HotFusion's Economy Adjuster. I have not used this personally, but I understand that some of its changes are very drastic.

  • Better Governing Attributes by Androl

    Changes the governing attributes of several skills to ones that make more sense.

  • Fair Magicka Regen by Smoke & GlassBoy

    Makes Magicka regenerate over time based on willpower.

    For alternatives, see Gluby's excellent Comprehensive Guide to Magicka and Spell Effect Mods.


  • Shortchanged by Danjb

    Changes a number of game setting to make it much harder to accumulate gold.

    Granted, I made this myself, but personally I never play without it.

    Alternatives are HotFusion's Economy Adjuster (this has some really nice ideas, but also a few that I find a bit too drastic) and Taddeus' Balanced Settings.

    Also consider Piratelord's Trade Enhancements, which overhauls trading and looting and reprices virtually all items in the game. Traders no longer have infinite stock, and will restock over time with random - and sometimes rare - items.

Cities & Travel

  • HG Vivec Cantons by Szazmyrr3 & AcidBasick & Holy_Handgrenade

    Switches around the open-top cantons of Molag Mar and the closed-top cantons of Vivec.

    Based on Szazmyrr3's Vivec Replacement. Also includes a small house in the Foreign Quarter Plaza.

    Will conflict with most mods affecting Vivec's exterior.

  • All Boat Ports by Reznod

    Allows fast-travel from any boat port to any other boat port.

  • All Silt Strider Ports by Reznod

    Allows fast-travel from any silt strider port to any other silt strider port.

  • Balloon Transport by Indigo

    Adds a hot-air balloon to Gnisis, Ald Velothi and Ghostgate, and fast travel between them.

  • Silt Striders by abot

    Allows real-time scenic silt strider travel.

  • Boats by abot

    Allows real-time scenic boat travel.

  • Gondoliers by abot

    Allows real-time scenic gondola travel.

  • Nighttime Door Locks by LDones

    Makes houses and shops get locked at night.

  • No Trespassing by Arcimaestro Antares

    Adds doors and walls to a number of houses and shops to prevent trespassing into private areas.

    Part of Antares' Little Mods collection.


  • The Haunted Tavern of the West Gash by Darkelfguy

    A story-based dungeon at a haunted inn just south-east of Khuul.

    There is an optional plugin available for download separately that adds a new NPC to Khuul with some extra backstory and directions (recommended).


  • Main Quest Enhancers by Trainwiz

    Triggers disturbing happenings around Vvardenfell as the main quest progresses.

  • Improved Followers by Lurlock

    Makes leading NPCs less of a chore by increasing the speed of all followers.

  • A Hermit's Request by Darkelfguy

    Adds a hermit west of Seyda Neen with 4 associated quests.


  • Antares' Big Mod by Arcimaestro Antares

    Grants the player certain privileges at higher ranks in guilds.


  • Django's Dialogue by Von Djangos

    Adds over 400 new dialogue entries to make dialogue less generic.

  • Illy's Solstheim Rumour Fix by Illuminiel

    Reduces the prevalence of the generic Solstheim rumour.

  • Lore Fix by TheOne&Only

    Restores some dialogue written by Bethesda that is not used.

  • Less Lore by Wrye

    Removes lore-related topics from "no lore" characters, and removes generic responses once they stop being useful.

    Based on ManaUser's NoLore.

  • Hospitality Papers by quorn

    Prevents non-Telvanni players receiving services in Sadrith Mora unless they have Hospitality Papers in their inventory.

  • Illegal Dwemer Trading by Spline

    Makes most merchants refuse to trade in Dwemer artifacts.

  • Charming Ash Vampires by Master Sam

    Ash Vampires no longer attack the player outright, allowing for some Bethesda-written dialogue to be seen.


  • NX9 Guards Complete by NazoX9

    Adds hundreds of new guards in place of the old generic ones.

  • Animated Morrowind I by Arcimaestro Antares

    Adds some new animated NPCs around Vvardenfell, with 15 new animations.

  • Animated Morrowind II by Arcimaestro Antares

    Adds 37 more animated NPCs, with 9 new animations.


  • Atronach Expansion by Melchior Dahrk

    Adds 8 new summoning spells, which can be purchased just outside Tel Branora.

  • Anatares' Creatures by Arcimaestro Antares

    10 mods that add new unique creatures.

Magic & Alchemy

  • Graphic Herbalism by ManaUser

    Automatically and visually harvests plants upon activating them.

    If using Piratelord's Expanded Sounds, you also need this patch by philologos.

  • Bloated Morrowind by MagicNakor

    Adds Bloatspores to the wilderness and caverns of Morrowind (made by Bethesda but never added to the game).

  • Potion Sorter by Srikandi

    Changes potion names so that they are sorted in a more logical order.

  • Enough Does Not Have Enough by Gwilym

    Removes the annoying "item does not have enough charge" message (the sound effect is sufficient).

  • Scripted Spells by Cortex

    Adds new scripted spells and new NPCs that sell them.


  • Marksman Enhanced by Bravo1

    Adds some new crossbows and tweaks the stats of various ranged weapons.

  • Enchanted Weapon Variety by michael163377

    Adds over 130 new enchanted weapons to levelled lists.

    Includes a patch for Bravo1's Marksman Enhanced.

    Includes quorn's Steel Broadsword Fix, thus removing the need for that mod.

  • Extra Artifacts by Chris aka cmac

    Adds 12 new artifacts to Morrowind.

    Requires cleaning.





  • Mini Mods Collection by ManaUser

    A collection of small mods, mostly gameplay tweaks.

    I recommend all of them, except perhaps the following:

    • Mixed Guards 2: NaxoX9's NX9 Guards Complete does this, and more.

    • Mortal Guards: Personally I want guards to respawn.

    • Show Ammo Dmg - NoExp: Obviously don't use this if you have the expansions.

    • Stolen Goods Fix - NoExp: Obviously don't use this if you have the expansions.

  • PeterBitt's Small Mods by PeterBitt

    A collection of small mods, mostly graphical and balance tweaks.

    Some of these mods were already covered by the "Graphical Mods" page of the guide. I recommend all of them, except perhaps the following:

    • Creeper and Mudcrab NoTrade: Personally I like Creeper and the Mudcrab Merchant being able to trade.

    • GMSTs: These are mostly economy tweaks covered by other mods.

    • Negative Lights Remover: Not needed unless using MGE XE's per-pixel lighting.

    • Scroll Fix: Not needed if using Vurt's Hi-Res Scrolls.

    • Smaller Potions: Not needed if using the half-size potions from Better Meshes (although these are 60% of the original size, which may be preferable).

    I was very happy to see that PeterBitt had made Gondolier Destinations based on an idea I posted :)

  • Key Namer by Lurlock

    Gives keys more descriptive names.

  • TimeMod by Sid

    Makes the days twice as long.

  • Chargen at Night by Xeth-Ban

    Simply makes the game start at night, giving it a very different feel.