Doom Levels

This is a collection of some of the best Deathmatch levels I have made for Doom 2 using Doom Builder.


MAP01 - Slime Pit

This is one of the best levels in my opinion. It's a fairly small arena built around a pit of slime, with all the weapons tucked away in different locations.

Slime Pit

MAP02 - Courtyard

A large arena surrounded by corridors and tunnels. Do you try to hold the middle or roam the perimeter?


MAP03 - Cistern

A map with several floors and a bunch of different routes to follow.


MAP04 - Dojo

An outdoor map with an oriental theme.


MAP05 - Metal

Made by my brother, adapted by me - a level divided into 2 sections, only one of which is open at a time.


MAP06 - Warehouse

A very dark, tight map built for stealth and close-range combat.


MAP07 - Fortress

A forbidding keep in the middle of a lava lake.


MAP08 - Mausoleum

A king-of-the-hill style map offering several different routes and weapon choices to assault "the hill".