How to Get Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Working


Jedi Knight is nearly twenty years old now, but I still consider it to be one of the best Star Wars games ever made. It is a straight-up, no-nonsense, you're-a-Jedi-now-go-kill-some-Stormtroopers FPS packed with cool weapons, force powers and secrets. But before I get carried away with reviewing it, I should come to the purpose of this guide: how to get the damn thing working on modern Windows?

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Jedi Knight is a notoriously tricky game to run on modern Windows. Fortunately for us, the community has created OpenJKDF2, an open-source remake of the original game engine which works out of the box, along with a number of improvements such as being able to change the FOV through the in-game menu.

Jedi Knight Remastered

For the original, vanilla experience you can run OpenJKDF2 directly, but if you want to modernize the graphics then I would recommend Jedi Knight Remastered. This uses OpenJKDF2 as a base, but also includes the following mods:

  • EMJK (Enhancement Mod): Enhanced models, lightsabers, muzzle flashes and explosions.
  • Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack: AI-upscaled high-res textures.
The Lost Planet of the Jedi

Vanilla + Mods

Published 2016/08/15

Last updated 2023/10/23