Base Mod

This is a mod for Diablo II that I made for the purpose of quickly generating powerful characters for duelling (for LAN, not online).


New Features

  • Enable all Ladder-only runewords.
  • Enable Pattern and Plague runewords.
  • Re-enable Azurewrath Crystal Sword.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hratli's items all having a magic level of 1.
  • Fixed a bunch of magic prefixes never spawning on staffs.
  • Fixed Plague Javelin's poison trail not dealing damage.
  • Fixed various poison clouds playing incorrect sounds on collision.
  • Fixed Frozen Horror's arctic blast triggering on-collision events.
  • Fixed missing Frozen Orb explosion.
  • Fixed broken SandRaider AI where they get stuck in "flee" mode.
  • Fixed mismatched Hell Clan / Death Clan AI.
  • Fixed BatDemons spawning at ground level.
  • Fixed Spirit of Barbs displaying the wrong Thorns damage per level.
  • Fixed the Smith and Griswold's dropping the wrong loot on nightmare.
  • Fixed Siege Beast's stomp dealing no damage.
  • Fixed lots of other issues in the text files that have no impact on gameplay.
  • Incorporate Fixed Font Mod by SnakeByte Studios.
  • Incorporate No Intro Mod by SnakeByte Studios.

Backported Features / Fixes

The following changes from the official patches are included in the Base Mod, and can be backported to older versions:

  • Rune and rare item names displayed in orange (requires modified patchstring.tbl).
  • Oblivion Knights no longer cast Iron Maiden (take care to refer to the new "Iron Maiden2" skill when making new items, etc.).
  • All non-code fixes from patches up to v1.13d.

Published 2016/02/13