How to Get Disney's Simba's Pride GameBreak Working on Modern Windows

It's no secret that games based on films are often terrible. But Disney have actually released some classic games over the years, such as Hercules, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Simba's Pride GameBreak is a little-known addition to this list of gems. Believe it or not, I first discovered it when the "Cub Chase" minigame was distributed inside cereal boxes - a sales technique that clearly worked, as I ended up buying the whole cereal range to collect all the CDs!

Sadly, though, Simba's Pride's GameBreak doesn't work on modern version of Windows. At least, not without a little tinkering. Trying to install it using the CD results in the message:

Simba's Pride GameBreak requires the Windows 95 operating system. Click 'OK' to exit the installation process.


There is an ISO image here which should work without any issues.

What a rollercoaster this has been!

I have had so many people contact me about this game, and together we have undergone much discussion and experimentation. Finally, a fan by the name of Saptadeep realised that the ISO image floating around on the web was corrupt, and another fan by the name of Jen actually tracked down a physical copy and uploaded a fixed disc image.

Fingers crossed this works for everyone, but if you have any trouble then please .

In case it helps anyone, all my archived findings are available by clicking here:

Published 17/09/2014

Last updated 30/10/2021