Content I have made for Minecraft.


An Introduction to Modding Minecraft

An overview of the Minecraft modding scene, and how to get started.

Mods, Data Packs & Worlds

Archery Challenge

Compete with friends to hit the targets!

Autumn Plains

A recreation of Autumun Plains from Spyro 2.


Every chunk is inaccessible until bought.

Creeping Angels

A horror-themed map where Creepers only move when you're not looking.

Drum Kit

A fully playable drum kit in Minecraft.

Fog of War

Shrouds the world in fog that players can reveal.

God Mode

Gives players godlike powers.

It Takes Two

Every block requires two players to mine.

Just One Chunk

The entire game, condensed into a single chunk.

Just One Chunk (Upside-Down)

My One-Chunk world, turned upside-down.


Placing a block in one chunk affects every chunk.

Raycasting Example

A simple data pack that uses raycasting.

Water & Lava Swap

A mod that swaps water and lava.