What's New in v1.4?

New Content

  • Added 10 new Arenas, along with new events and items.
  • Added a maximum number of searches before each Arena is found.
  • Added a 5% chance to remain the same level after a fight.
  • Added a special event upon reaching level 50.
  • Added more powerful Challenge Stones for binding higher-level enemies.
  • Added a rare easter egg.
  • New fish icon.

Tweaks / Rebalancing

  • Black Dragon can no longer be found in the Arena Courtyard straight away.
  • Challenge Stones no longer have a 100% success rate.
  • Increased base flee chance and reduced boots effectiveness.
  • Rebalanced Hall of Mirrors and Tavern.
  • Reduced low-end equipment costs.
  • Reduced Fish cost.
  • Increased Moon Key cost.
  • Slightly reduced the treasure of Immortal Souls.
  • Added new ranks and adjusted rank requirements.
  • Increased likelihood of finding events in the Arena Courtyard.


  • Fixed unreachable event in the Tavern.
  • Fixed buttons occasionally becoming unresponsive.
  • Fixed duplicate scores being added to the scoreboard.
  • Fixed being able to use a Challenge Stone in the Challenge Room.
  • Corrected a typo in the Guidebook.

Other Changes

  • Reset global scores.
  • Minor aesthetic / performance improvements.
  • Upgraded components to latest Android versions.