Diablo II Mods

Duel Mod

This is a mod for Diablo II that I made for the purpose of quickly generating powerful characters for duelling (for LAN, not online).


  • All monsters in the Blood Moor are Fallen.
  • Killing a Fallen gives you a Pile of Gold and makes you level 99.
  • The Pile of Gold can be sold for 1000000 gold.
  • All equipment is available from the vendors in the Rogue Encampment.
  • Equipment can be customised through the use of special stones:
    • Upgrade Stone
    • Superimbue Stone
    • Set Imbue Stone
    • Imbue Stone
    • Socket Stone (I-VI)
    • Cycle Stone
    • Unimbue Stone
    • Unsocket Stone

Check out this (old, poor quality) video to see the mod in action:



A mod based mainly around new items and increased drop rates, with the intention of making single-player / LAN games a lot more interesting and less repetitive.


  • 30+ unique items added.
  • Baal now drops a nice endgame reward on Hell.
  • Drastically increased the chances of finding high runes.
  • Made set, unique and rare items ~4 times more likely.
  • Made magic items one third more likely.
  • Made unique jewellery rarities significantly less skewed.
  • Countess, Summonmer and Nihlathak now always drop Pandemonium Keys.
  • Countess is now capable of dropping higher runes (up to Zod in Hell).
  • Runes no longer require gems to upgrade.
  • Runes can now be downgraded when placed in the cube with an antidote.
  • Made rare items ~5 times more likely when gambling (44% chance).
  • Made set items ~40 times more likely when gambling (6% chance).
  • Made unique items ~100 times more likely when gambling (5% chance).
  • Made exceptional and elite items ~3 times more likely when gambling.
  • Made it possible to gamble for charms and jewels.
  • Significantly reduced the experience drop-off rate for high levels.

Slightly outdated video showing off some of the new items:

The new items in this mod were made using my own Unique Item Editor (Download).